Private Collections – Downsizing

Congratulations on Your Exciting New Move!

 Whether you are moving, downsizing, renewing or winding down a collection, we’re here to HELP.
  • Cleaning, Preparation and Organization

It is critical that each item and the venue are as presentable as possible to look their best on auction day. There may be times that an unusual or rare antique may be best left in its original state. We will work with you to determine this well before sale day. A listing of all of the items (assets) to be sold at the auction will be catalogued and appraised.  We can use our restoration facilities to clean up or prepare any items that require minor attention to present them at their best and maximize your return.

  • Photography and Description of Your Items

All of the  photography will be prepared with a description of each item.  Featured Items may be used to form part of the marketing. Buyers will know what they are bidding on, even though the bidders will still have an opportunity to physically preview the items before the auction.

We are able to arrange for moving of your items to our location, simply ask to arrange.

  • Auction Preview

We will prepare an auction preview or inspection period. This allows prospective bidders the chance to inspect the items at our facility.

  • Collections and Pickup

This will be completed the day after the auction at our location. Buyers will pay their invoice and pick up the items they have successfully bid on at the auction venue. We accept Most payment methods. No Items will leave the premises until they are paid for in full. All items sell as is with all faults and no returns.

  • Payment

At the end of the auction, we will provide the paperwork indicating all lots sold, their value, and issue a cheque for full payment within 14 days of auction end.  This will allow us time to ensure that all payments are valid and complete, and all items have been cleared from the premises prior to closing all accounts.