Past Auctions samples page

LOT# 100: birdbath w 2 lovebirds, rabbit and covered pot turgle tea candle holder _201102
LOT# 099: LARGE tub full of christmas decor boughs wood acorns and more. _201102
LOT# 098: flora arrangement and metal leaf decorations _201102
LOT# 097: fluffy brown throw, great for winter weather snuggling. _201102
LOT# 096: standing floor lamp wood stand metal base with shade _201102
LOT# 095: fine looking inlaid mahogany jewelry box with key and tassle _201102
LOT# 093: various home decor bling and squirrel _201102
LOT# 092: tall slender cabinet, good size for linens or kitchen _201102
LOT# 091: jewelry box mahogany color with key _201102
LOT# 090: microwave danby working _201102