Past Auctions samples page

LOT# 100: LOTSA piillows. fancy upholstered pillows, nice large size, for use anywhere. _201101
LOT# 099: cool metal discl amp, works nice. contemporary look 19 in. high _201101
LOT# 098: HUGE pumpkin and cornucopia setting,silvery glass, made of pottery, 26 x 21 x 4 _201101
LOT# 097: interesting metal basket used as planter holds candle inside. _201101
LOT# 096: Sundry, horse brasses, brass candle stands, amber bottle with topper, drape rod ends (ornate key like) _201101
LOT# 095: various pots and dishes, tending towards blue and green two small doves _201101
LOT# 094: floral decor in crystal glass bowl. _201101
LOT# 093: two boxes full of incandescent light bulbs, good for barn, unheated garage, etc. etc. _201101
LOT# 092: floral arrangement in fancy pot, see picts, very nice _201101
LOT# 091: Dry floral materials for blingy christmas decor or any season. _201101