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Sunshine wagon for bike, late 40’s, local history

In 1929 McKay and Torontos Massey-Harris Co. along with the Waterloo Manufacturing Co. incorporated the Sunshine-Waterloo Company Ltd. with the intent of adapting McKays self-propelled combine design for the North American market. In 1930 the newly formed company built a 285 000 sq. ft. plant in Waterloo Ontario. In exchange McKay was granted the exclusive Australian distribution of Massey-Harris farm equipment.Although set up to produce mainly farm equipment in order to survive the tough economic times of the thirties the new company manufactured a multitude of products including baby carriages bicycles tricycles and roller of their labels is displayed in the picts here. Sunshine wagon for bike late 40’s local history if Size is of importance please see pictures of item when possible sizes will be shown.

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