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The old Cedar Hill dairy building, built in 1904, has a new lease on life as the Green Spot Antiques center. Salvage, Collectibles,Furniture, and full Restoration services.

We have now added Auction services to our offerings.

We have been dealing in Antiques & Collectables since 1979. Trained in Europe, and working with all lines of antiques, from Furniture and artwork from the 1600’s through to modern industrial, we have a keen sense of current market value of all items that cross our path.

WE SELL stuff everyday, so we know what an item will sell for today.  No guessing, no fancy promises, just straight facts and results.

Contact us anytime to have us consider your items for inclusion in one of our upcoming auctions today.

With our full service WORKSHOP we can accept items that are not in good condition too. We can work out a plan to fix or restore an item ready for auction, or offer you a good CASH price to purchase it right away.

  • TwoJJs Auctions

  • 49 Cedar Street, Cambridge, Ontario

  • N1S 1V4, Canada

  • 519-623-4050

  • email: auction@twojjs.com



I have two armoires that belonged to my grandparents from before 1900 in Scotland. I had them brought over when they came to live with us. They are in very good clean condition except one has a bit of smoke damage on the top outside corner. I had always hoped to use them but have downsized and have no room for them. I hate to part with them but I suppose I have to sell them. I don’t know what to ask or how to go about it other than Kijiji.
Do you have any suggestions? I could send you photos and dimensions.
Thank you for your time, Best regards,


HI, we’d be happy to help.
Send me photos, to auction@twojjs.com and i’ll have a look to see how we can help you with the sale through our store or auctions.


Hi do you offer shipping for your auction


Yes, we can arrange to ship out parcels with Canada Post, or even arrange for furniture delivery withing 200 KM, for a fee.
call to arrange.

Alan Beaty

Hello. I have recently came into possession of an antique clock. The clock is made for “Cedar Hill Dairy 1904” and labeled as such on the face. I have done research and traced this clock back to the building that you now own. There was only two Cedar Hill Dairies in existence in 1904. Yours and the one in Colorado which closed its doors in 1904 and began in 1899. I would be happy to share photos. The clock is in working order and I’m in the process of having it appraised to sell.


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